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A gift for a lovely bride

After being together since high school, my cousin brother Nick and his long term girlfriend are finally ready to tie the knot. Honeymoons are really something that all couples look forward to.  Ever since they announced their engagement, a bunch of us have been trying to get together to surprise the couple with a really good wedding present. We surfed the internet for a variety of gift ideas and decided to something to help with the wedding day itself.

Nick’s fiance is a really busy lady and she barely has time to plan for the wedding and reception, what more plan her wedding gown and make up for the day. In order to help her, we decided that a spa and pre-wedding package would be the ideal gift to give her. Recently, I stumbled upon this website talking about Gainesville salon . Apparently, the Gaines ville hair stylist is a wonder at what she does and is able to recreate the most beautiful styles to befit any girl on her special day. What a wonderful idea it was then to give her ths present. On one hand, it will be a great idea to get her away from all the wedding planning stress, and at the same time, it addresses the issue of looking for a person to do her hair and make up on the day of her wedding. Without wasting any more time, we booked a session for her to try out, and whilst we were at it, we realized that the spa has a generous offering of services to massage the weary worries of the day. Wasting no time hesitating, we decided that a bridal shower party can be held at the spa itself, complete with an entire day of pampering, girly talk and lots of fun in anticipation of the big day itself. I’m so glad we stumbled upon this great find. We sure needed it !

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