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Liz Rehnke: The philanthropist who has dedicated her life to helping others

Liz Rehnke is one lady whose mission in life is to oversee to the welfare (especially medical and educational) of people who are under privileged. At the age of 11 years, she started with her father, who is a renowned cardiac and vascular surgeon, over the world offering their medical expertise to people in needy conditions. She went for over five missions where she served as a nurse (even at her tender age) and has over the years traveled around the globe, liaising with governments, other philanthropists and NGOs in other countries such as: Kenya, Ecuador, Haiti etc in providing medical help to and  setting up schools for poor communities.

Her charity work

Liz Rehnke took up her family dream and passion to do more than sympathize with suffering people around the world. She has, in her many endeavors, focused on and put much effort in mobilizing well-wishers who can contribute to her dream of reaching out to those who may are under privileged. Through this mobilization, she gains moral, financial and material support to travel all over the world with medical and food supplies to help the needy. She understands she can’t solve all the problems of the world, but is determined to help the few she can.

Hobbies and other interests

Elizabeth’s passion goes beyond helping people. She loves to read and has even had most of her favorite books made into movies. She also loves movies and has among her best collections Lewis Milestone’s Ocean’s eleven. She has much interest in fashion and dressing which she reveals in one of her blogs as she discusses and reveals some of the best fashions at the New York Fashion Week show.


In one of her blogs, she goes ahead to unveil Asian therapy shopping; shopping for Asian staff at the many malls in New York as well as traveling to Asia for the diverse culture and shopping. She knows every good place where people can shop for almost anything in the world over the world and shares these in her blogs about Thailand, Asia and Kuala Lumpur shopping malls and streets.


Liz Rehnke has much to say about the best places to enjoy a good visit and enjoy the beauty and diversity; starting with Sunshine in Florida. In one of her blogs, she reveals Australia as a great place with a vast and diverse environment which has diverse physical features (such as highest mountain peaks, deserts etc).

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