Liz Rehnke: The philanthropist who has dedicated her life to helping others

Liz Rehnke is one lady whose mission in life is to oversee to the welfare (especially medical and educational) of people who are under privileged. At the age of 11 years, she started with her father, who is a renowned cardiac and vascular surgeon, over the world offering their medical expertise to people in needy conditions. She went for over five missions where she served as a nurse (even at her tender age) and has over the years traveled around the globe, liaising with governments, other philanthropists and NGOs in other countries such as: Kenya, Ecuador, Haiti etc in providing medical help to and  setting up schools for poor communities.

Her charity work

Liz Rehnke took up her family dream and passion to do more than sympathize with suffering people around the world. She has, in her many endeavors, focused on and put much effort in mobilizing well-wishers who can contribute to her dream of reaching out to those who may are under privileged. Through this mobilization, she gains moral, financial and material support to travel all over the world with medical and food supplies to help the needy. She understands she can’t solve all the problems of the world, but is determined to help the few she can.

Hobbies and other interests

Elizabeth’s passion goes beyond helping people. She loves to read and has even had most of her favorite books made into movies. She also loves movies and has among her best collections Lewis Milestone’s Ocean’s eleven. She has much interest in fashion and dressing which she reveals in one of her blogs as she discusses and reveals some of the best fashions at the New York Fashion Week show.


In one of her blogs, she goes ahead to unveil Asian therapy shopping; shopping for Asian staff at the many malls in New York as well as traveling to Asia for the diverse culture and shopping. She knows every good place where people can shop for almost anything in the world over the world and shares these in her blogs about Thailand, Asia and Kuala Lumpur shopping malls and streets.


Liz Rehnke has much to say about the best places to enjoy a good visit and enjoy the beauty and diversity; starting with Sunshine in Florida. In one of her blogs, she reveals Australia as a great place with a vast and diverse environment which has diverse physical features (such as highest mountain peaks, deserts etc).

What opiate treatment program entails

At times people make mistakes by doing things that will later affect them. They might indulge in dangerous activities unknowingly and they later realize that the habit has gotten too far and it has become an addiction. Treatment becomes the next option to help in bringing the individual back to normal life.

Opiate treatment program has been designed to help those individuals who are struggling with different forms of addictions. It might be an addiction to opiate or drugs like nicotine and painkillers like Dilaudid, OxyContin and Percocet.

Methadone treatment therapy benefits an individual in dealing with cravings and also restrains an individual from trying to look for ways to satisfy himself after withdrawing from the substance or activity that had caused addiction. When methadone and addiction counseling are combined, it will perfectly help an individual to get back to himself.

Methadone helps you to avoid other harmful drugs like IV drugs that cause infectious diseases. It will also improve your personality and social function. You will be able to engage in other social activities like community services and doing other family chores.

The program has not been designed to deal with addiction alone, it also deal with other social aspects of life. It has also been designed to support clients and other family members to achieve steady, healthy and industrious lives.

This program has been divided into different programs like, leisure education, family information sessions, support groups, acupuncture, and skill training sessions for healthy lining and lapse prevention as well.

Whether it would be a 12 step program, a program to help an individual to deal with food addiction or drug addiction, there are specific treatment centers that deal with each and every kind of addiction. Opiate treatment program is there to help you or loved one get back to normal life.

Banks Umbilical Cord Blood Or Placental Blood

Did you know that we have long considered waste could save your life, your child’s or even that of a stranger through placenta cord banking storage?

Day of the birth of your baby, you will probably be overrun with visions and hopes for your child and your new family. The idea that your little one is possibly suffering from a serious illness likely will cross your mind. Unfortunately, this possibility exists. That’s why some parents are choosing to collect the cord blood of their newborn to retain for such an eventuality. Others make donation to one day save the life of a stranger! To make the point, here are some questions and answers.

What is so important in the umbilical cord blood?

The blood contained in the umbilical cord and is collected at birth is rich in stem cells formed during embryonic development.

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are cells “mothers” from which all other blood cells, that is to say, the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, is develop. For example, if we inject stem cells to a child with leukemia stem cells will go to stand in her bone marrow inside the bone, and will fill gaps in the system or even recreate his bloodstream full !

Why should we use these stem cells?

When developing a blood disease, the patient’s cells are infected, even those of the bone marrow, thus unusable in the vast majority of cases. He must then try to find a compatible bone marrow donor, which can often be very difficult, if not impossible, in a short time. For example, the United States last year, there were more than 20 000 deaths case awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

How Cord Blood is it taken?

At birth, the cord is clamped and cut to extract the maximum cord blood to the placenta. Uterine contractions putting pressure on the placenta to expel will help to clear it through the cord directly into the sampling bag, and this by a needle attached to the umbilical vein. The process takes just minutes and is designed to collect the maximum of placental blood, or about 150 milliliters. If it is not removed, it is discarded with the placenta. What we do with the cord blood once it is collected? Cord blood is stored in liquid nitrogen at temperatures from -160 ° to -195 °. It retains its properties for several years, about 10 years.

Dr. Aria Sabit Is An Incredible Surgeon Who Will Listen To Your Needs When Doing Surgery

Surgery is a very crucial subject, which many people never understand completely. Neurosurgeon is among the fields that Aria Sabit specializes in. Having been in the field for a long time, Sabit offers excellent services and has very blessed hands and when he lays his hands on you, you will enjoy it all. He has been in the field for many years.

Sabit is a high professional who gives high quality services to his clients. Having served for many years, Sabit helps people to go through severe problems and come out healed. With his hands, he enjoys giving people a new life and a new beginning in their lives hence creating a very strong mood of healing. With many years of experience in the field of surgery, he has reaped a lot of knowledge and understanding on the management of different issues. With the challenging times, he is able to put into practice the different conditions hence creating a very clear way to maintaining surgery.

Aria Sabit is also professional and bright as far as neurosurgery is concerned. Having served in different ways, he gives the best services and exclusive deep understanding to different patients. With his deep interest and keenness in serving many people, he enjoys dealing with patients and gives surety that you will have the best treatment of your condition. With the increasing need dealing with some problems, Sabit ensures that there is clarity in meeting different needs of people. Having been in the field for quite a lot of time, he understands the reality in keeping a strong focus on different medical needs. With his service and dedication, he is giving excellent quality of services to many.

One of the beauties of Sabit is that, he gives the best recommendations as well as giving top recommendations about different medical cases making surgery a better exercise. With the increasing credibility and understanding of different surgeries, Sabit has helped people. He is a doctor who listens keenly to different conditions and helps you to deal with different conditions hence keeping your goals sustainable. Sabit’s skills touch many people and help them to restore their conditions easily. He has God given healing hands and he leaves you revived again. With his excellent abilities in healing, he is a good doctor who cares for his clients and helps them to live wonderful lives. For many years, he has offered quality services to different clients having neurosurgical issues.

Common Features You’ll find in the Massage Chair

Massage Chair

Massage Chair

Massage chairs tend to be have become the best method of having a massage today. In addition to getting the exact same many benefits that you will get coming from using a typical massage therapy from your psychologist such as decreased muscle soreness, increased blood circulation, increased curing along with peace and also relieved low back pain and the like, they are a very handy approach to have a therapeutic massage and still provide privacy. They’ve created creating a massage easily accessible & readily available, be it at residence or even in a business office.

These kind of chair appear in a wide variety of ergonomic models using various functions, choices, and price points. Consequently, within getting a massage chair Melbourne, you should know what you really need/want out of your gear as well as a shiatsu massage chair seller who is able to assist the decision making process concerning which one can be the most suitable to you.

So, here are several of the massage chair’s common characteristics:

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A gift for a lovely bride

After being together since high school, my cousin brother Nick and his long term girlfriend are finally ready to tie the knot. Honeymoons are really something that all couples look forward to.  Ever since they announced their engagement, a bunch of us have been trying to get together to surprise the couple with a really good wedding present. We surfed the internet for a variety of gift ideas and decided to something to help with the wedding day itself.

Nick’s fiance is a really busy lady and she barely has time to plan for the wedding and reception, what more plan her wedding gown and make up for the day. In order to help her, we decided that a spa and pre-wedding package would be the ideal gift to give her. Recently, I stumbled upon this website talking about Gainesville salon . Apparently, the Gaines ville hair stylist is a wonder at what she does and is able to recreate the most beautiful styles to befit any girl on her special day. What a wonderful idea it was then to give her ths present. On one hand, it will be a great idea to get her away from all the wedding planning stress, and at the same time, it addresses the issue of looking for a person to do her hair and make up on the day of her wedding. Without wasting any more time, we booked a session for her to try out, and whilst we were at it, we realized that the spa has a generous offering of services to massage the weary worries of the day. Wasting no time hesitating, we decided that a bridal shower party can be held at the spa itself, complete with an entire day of pampering, girly talk and lots of fun in anticipation of the big day itself. I’m so glad we stumbled upon this great find. We sure needed it !

Tricks for a Good Night of Sleep

Good Night of Sleep

Good Night of Sleep

If you find one thing that this person with average skills requirements more of, it’s rest. Relaxation will not simply make living look easier, it is essential to keep upward health. The standard of one’s life along with, research has revealed, the size of someone’s lifestyle are usually heavily formed by letting enough top quality sleep.

Increasing Physical Well-being

Sleep could even end up being one of several recommendations for locating a solution to the particular being overweight outbreak which has been mopping several international locations of the world. Considering that rest impacts the metabolism and the damaging human hormones affecting hunger along with satisfied, it is easy to suppose too little slumber would likely learn to disrupt the ideal working of these factors. Lacking the necessary sleep, your body becomes went along as well as the metabolism slows down to burn much less energy. Along with that will, the appetite increases and several folks end up eating more compared to they need to cope with the actual tiredness they feel to get by way of everything everyday.

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Ought to Attempt Fruit Diet

Fruit Diet

Fruit Diet

Maintaining a balanced dishes are necessary for individuals. In the risk factors which have produced in the past everyone is also consistently dropping their particular health. Together with suitable workout and also diet and weight loss, you can get back the force and turn into balanced. There are plenty involving eating plans being released daily to help those become much healthier. Men and women can decide one of many variety of diet plans along with healthful routines. This article will give attention to among the numerous weight loss plans available, your fruits diet plan. What are forms of food that are most notable diet regime and exactly how is the procedure carried out.

Fresh fruits are mainly wholesome therefore it may clean and detoxify against the particular pollutants with the latest state in the environment. There are tons associated with foods which have chemical preservatives within them to help prolong its living. Customers can be hectic with many different stuff like school, function, organization, behavior, commitments along with tasks. Most of their particular occasion is actually invested in other activities plus they are playing none to prepare a good as well as healthful food.

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Cease Suffering The Problems Of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety seems to be increasing these days. Us are becoming hectic with escalating complications. Stress and anxiety could make your life experience overwhelming. Don’t let anxiety load anyone any longer, and check out the following advice to determine precisely how.

A lot of people that feel troubled don’t let them selves down time. Let moment on a daily basis for many leisure occasion, using a guide as well as publication. If you undertake such a rest for 20 min’s daily, you will see your anxiety lessen over time.

Sodium desires is frequently the effect of intensive levels of anxiousness in certain folks. This is a sign how the system needs and wants far more sea. The best sea salt to take is that which can be unprocessed along with uncooked. It can be less difficult for your entire body for you to process, along with a lot more nutrients your demands.

You might like to take into account going to a skilled to ensure that they might evaluate nervousness. It’s not easy to gauge your personal predicament plus an outdoors viewer might be better suited to establish the cause of your anxiety. Experts are usually taught to see things you might not notice that tend to be tense, as well as understanding how to obtain sensation properly once more.

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Easy Solutions to Treat Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Most all cases involving panic and anxiety attacks may be not treated since it is a well known fact that it may diminish after a couple of minutes or perhaps after a long time. Perhaps with no medical treatment or medical attention offered, those that suffer from anxiety attacks can definitely endure. Treatment solutions are usually looked for in order to avoid the actual cycle that may be detrimental on the well-being of the people whom typically encounters panic disorder. It’s really a very terrified expertise in which anybody can’t be accustomed to, since it is usually when compared with going insane, going through dying, or even experiencing a heart attack.

Diagnosis and medicines: Panic attacks Remedy

Therefore, panic attacks is not an tall tale. It may be really really irritating, scary, as well as distressing for the man or woman obtaining the assault. The particular strike may well decrease right after a long time though the outcomes of the particular panic attacks typically take days to recoup. Social anxiety disorder is actually characterized by recurring panic attacks. In order to treat this disorder, there exists a requirement of an official evaluation and also medical diagnosis. Listed below are typically carried out:

• The person is normally exposed to discomfort and also blood pressure levels treatment. This is a methods to identify if your affected person is being affected by heart failure. Upon reading and also assessment regarding outcomes, cardiac event may be ruled out as well as the medical professional can process with all the usual means for anxiety disorder treatment method. During the prognosis which aspires to eliminate heart attack, a great medication lines are attached to the affected individual for the immediate facilitation regarding treatments pertaining to anti-anxiety such as Valium and also Ativan.

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