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A Guide To Selecting Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are often used as a way to lose weight. For the greatest chances of success you should choose one that helps you to feel full until time for the next meal, meal replacement shakes by AAW8 If the shake does not offer this advantage it is easy to fall victim to unhealthy cravings. In addition, if the meal does not taste good, it becomes easy to cheat, often choosing unhealthy options in place of the shake to keep you satisfied until the next meal. It is also important to choose a meal replacement plan that provides nutrients missed by skipping the normal meal and the right number of calories to cause weight loss. The best meal replacement shakes will combine four factors: Good taste, filling, low in calories and providing the nutrients lost by not eating a healthy meal.

While the most common use of meal replacement shakes is weight loss, they may also be used as a supplement if one’s normal meals are lacking in calories or nutrients necessary for nutritional goals. It is important to keep one’s health in mind when attempting to lose weight or supplement meals. Compare the nutrients the shake provides with the RDA of nutrients. If a shake is to replace one third of the food normally consumed, it should provide a minimum of one third of the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients needed per day. The nutritional label is the best indicator of the quality of the shake. It helps to ensure the meal replacement provides the necessary nutrients and is not just empty calories.

The shake should also leave you feeling full until it is time for the next meal. If you are hungry again but still have several hours until your next scheduled meal, you will be more likely to choose foods that are less than healthy. For a shake that will leave you feeling full, look for one that provides protein, carbs and a limited amount of fat. Most dietary experts recommend the shake contain from 200 to 400 calories. This provides the energy needed along with calorie reduction to lose weight.

The final test of meal replacement shakes may include a taste test. Although reviews can be helpful, remember everyone has a bit different taste. Distributors will often provide a sample shake that allows the individual to try their product before they make the investment. Many consumers find this a great way to avoid buying products they will not use.

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