Electronic Cigarette Review: What Happens If You Quit Smoking

You have to look around to see that everyone is talking about electronic cigarettes and that you will experience numerous benefits if you stop smoking and choose to vape instead. But before you decide to check e cig reviews, we recommend you to stay with us so that we can present you everything that stands between you and electronic cigarettes.

When you stop smoking, the processes that will start in your body will cause severe issues. You probably know that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances ever, which means that it will cause severe withdrawal symptoms and side effects.

Let’s see the timeline of tobacco quitting that you should expect to happen.

After 8 Hours

As soon as you quit smoking, your body will start improving. The first few hours are noticeable for your insides. For example, you will notice that the amount of oxygen in your blood will return to normal levels, even if you started vaping as an alternative.

That is because vapors don’t feature harmful carbon monoxide, which is the common toxin found in combustion smoke in tobacco cigarettes. This will provide your body the opportunity to detoxify all carbon monoxide that you have inside. As it goes away, you will feel and enjoy the more considerable amount of oxygen in your blood, and you will feel way better than before.

After 24 Hours

Within the first day after you quit smoking and start using electronic cigarettes, your body will flush out the carbon monoxide in your system. At the same time, your lungs will detoxify too and try to remove mucus and toxin debris that you have inside due to heavy smoking.

This particular detox is possible because you will reduce the toxin intake and won’t add combustion smoke in your body. Therefore, you will give it a chance to clean and heal itself. This is a great solution because the vapor that you will get through electronic cigarettes feature no combustion toxins that cigarette smoke contains.

If you want to get more information on nicotine withdrawal symptoms, you can do it by checking here.

After 48 Hours

When two days have passed, your body will continue to detoxify because you won’t reach the high levels of vaping. You will also be able to kick your cigarette smoking habit, and you will notice that your sense of taste will return and improve when compared with before.

That will allow you to enjoy drinks and food more than before you started smoking, which is essential considering that will tell you that you are on the right way to cure yourself of addiction. Apart from that, your sense of smell will become more enjoyable, and you will notice fragrances and smells that you couldn’t feel before while you were smoking.

This is possible because your body will start to repair receptors that you have within your nose and mouth. Nicotine and combustion smoke will cause significant damage to receptors due to toxins that you got inside along the way.

After 72 Hours

Apart from getting these improvements we’ve mentioned above, you will also enjoy the next 24 hours as well. You will be surprised with everything you’ll notice as the positive thing in your days. Most people that decide to start vaping will see that their breathing will show significant improvements when compared with previous moments.

Check this webiste: https://www.livestrong.com/article/220684-smoking-sense-of-smell/ to see the connection between sense of smell and smoking.

The idea is that breathing will be much more comfortable than while you’re smoking because you won’t expose yourself to harmful tar that was irritating and clogging your bronchial tubes. As you stop smoking, tubes will relax and clear, and you will notice that your energy levels will increase and you will breathe much more comfortable than before.

After 90 Days

If you stop using combustion smoke from traditional tobacco cigarettes and decide to use e-cigarettes instead, you will notice that coughing, shallow breathing, and wheezing will completely go away. These changes come because you will improve overall lung function as well as the entire body so that you can enjoy in clear air without harmful debris as you did while you were smoking.

You will reduce the risk of having a heart attack by about half, and you will reduce other health risks as well.

Ultimate Preparation Guide For TestClear.Com

When you are required to take a drug test at some point in your life, it’s better to know how to be fully prepared in advance. Even though abstinence is the most obvious and logical solution, sometimes you need other ways to ensure passing drug test.

Drug testing program mostly includes urinalysis, oral fluid testing, and hair testing. These methods are all approved for federal trial, but they all have its pros and cons. Also, the way you prepare will depend on the amount of time you have and the drug you use. If needed, you can pass your drug test on short notice, using some tips and products which proved helpful.

How long each drug stays in your urine, saliva, blood, and hair can vary. To detox your body, you can rely on test clear reviews resource as a guide to the products that can help you clean all the negative consequences drug use leaves behind.

Cheating Techniques

First of all, give yourself some time free from drugs. This will increase your chances of passing drug tests and excrete accumulated chemicals from your body. Detox removes the build-up of toxic substances when our body’s natural detoxification systems are unable to clear them. The variables that affect drug testing may consider your body mass, physical activity, age, drug tolerance. Small doses of the drug are not easily detected and won’t last long in your system.

Urine as a specimen can be manipulated, so there are a few things you can do to be able to pass a drug test. Starting with drinking lots of water and maybe taking some diuretics you can help your body get rid itself of water that contain detectable chemicals. Replenishing your body by taking multivitamins, fresh fruits, and detox tea can undoubtedly add to the expected result.

Click here to find out more on which supplements and vitamins will help you with detox.

Along with these techniques, you can try and find urine replacement online that match human urine and its composition, smell, and color so it can pass most validity testing. Using the substitution method must be well considered because the choice of product directly reflects the result. If you find yourself searching for a reliable and receptive solution online, check here for reputable and recommended replacement.

Blood Drug Test And Hair Follicle Drug Test

Drugs in the bloodstream bound to your hair follicles can indicate drug use even when abstaining up to three months. Also though hair types and individual’s metabolism can make a difference, you can’t rely on these factors when trying to turn testing accuracy in your advantage.

The main confusion that occurs among people regarding the hair follicle drug test refers to that bleaching or dying your hair will somehow change test results. The fact is that hair follicles are tested from the inside out, and no alterations will work over a short period.

As well as you need detox for your body, you also need to detox your hair. You can shorten the cleansing processes by using natural supplements and drinking water as the universal detoxifier. To get rid of the toxins that get fused into your hair, you need a deep-effect product.

Visit this website: https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/marijuana-addiction/faq/how-long-does-marijuana-stay-system/ to see how long weed stays in your system.

A solution that confirms stands out is toxin removal shampoo for the safest way to get your hair follicles clean without damaging your skin.  It removes all drug traces, penetrating into all layers of hair and it’s straightforward to use. Applying this product in its total usage will grant you passing the drug test.

When buying these kinds of products online, you should be very careful about choosing the one that suits you, as well as concentrated on other people’s reviews and experience.

As regards mouth swab drug test, there are a few tricks for detoxifying your saliva in the order it shows clean results. Fortunately, mouth swab drug testing detects more recent drug consumptions so that it can be easily altered. You can find few saliva detox products, like special mouthwash, that can help you clean your saliva from drugs and other contaminants. Besides, it adds up to your dental hygiene and oral health care.

The blood drug test looks for the actual drug in the blood but doesn’t measure drug residues in the body, unlike urine drug test. In this case, the rule of abstinence is essential, but you should also strongly consider detox products. It’s vital you find a natural product with no artificial ingredients that rid your body of unwanted toxins and provides it with minerals and vitamins.


Whatever you ingest, it leaves short or long-term traces on all parts of your body. Therefore, you are both responsible for what you take in and how you cleanse your organism from toxins and harmful substances. When finding yourself in the process of necessary drug testing, and you are not entirely spotless, it’s a relief to know you CAN turn the situation in your favor.

How to Limit Stress in Every Day Life

You have probably heard the word ‘mindfulness’ being used a lot in recent times, and that’s because it’s a great way to deal with the hassles and stresses that most of us face day to day. It may be impossible to completely vanquish stress from your life, especially if your job entails frequent, unavoidable stress. But it is possible to limit stress in the rest of your life to maintain a good balance and a healthier mind.

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Relax and Have Fun

Finding an activity that you love gives you a great go-to when you need to relax and have fun. If you are an active person, then getting involved in a class at your local gym such as Pilates, Yoga, or even Boxing can help you to improve both your body and your mind. If you lean towards the creative side of things, taking up a hobby such as painting, learning an instrument, baking, or sewing can all help to focus your attention elsewhere and learn valuable skills too.

Little Tasks for Big Boosts

Even little things such as coloring books, an exciting book to read, or listening to your favorite music can form part of a relaxation routine. Making sure you allocate part of your day to focusing on yourself and finding the time to take a break and relax, is incredibly important to keeping a healthy mind. Other practices that can help to alleviate stress include keeping a journal to let go of those thoughts and worries, making a planner to feel prepared for what is to come, and writing a list of things you are thankful for, or things that went well today to really boost your positive energy. Let us not forget the classic cup of relaxing tea, a bubble bath with candles, or taking a walk and admiring nature.

Mindfulness and Meditation

We are all capable of being mindful, as it is simply being conscious and aware of something. The art of practicing mindfulness is used as a therapeutic technique to focus your awareness on something, whilst calmly accepting it, in a state of meditation. If you want to introduce a regular practice into your daily routine, then this is a great way to achieve big results. Due to the big boost in popularity of mindfulness, there are plenty of great resources out there to help you fully understand this method. This guide has some great advice on how to get started, so if you think it is something you want to pursue, then be sure to do your research and experiment with what works best for you.

Reaching Out

If you find yourself dealing with something particularly scary or stressful, these therapist-recommended relaxation techniques may help. If you are really struggling, don’t struggle on your own. It is important to remember that there are lots of charities and organizations out there that have been set up specifically to help people in need. Reaching out to others can be hard, but facing things alone is even harder, so don’t be afraid to talk to people and ask for help. The ability to ask for help when you need it is a strength, not a weakness, so you shouldn’t suffer on your own.

Practicing these mindfulness techniques and relaxation exercises should grant you noticeable changes to your everyday life and help to tackle the stress that life may throw your way. If you do find that it all becomes too much, please find further advice here on how to find help. Thanks for reading, and good luck fighting the stress!

Sometimes, children are the best teachers in life matters – here are seven lessons to learn from your young ones.

Hanging out with kids is sometimes the best decision you can make, regardless of whether they are your own or when you are called upon for a babysitting session. Children seem to know some things that you have forgotten as you grew into an adult, and they seem to enjoy life more intensely without fear.

So what do they know? What makes children some of the most interesting people to sit down and have a chat with? As an adult, sometimes it feels like you are constantly struggling to return to that place of innocence that you once had as a kid. Here are some valuable lessons you may learn from the young ones around you.

Every day is a new opportunity to start afresh.

If you look at a young child, you can see he excitement they have over ending a school day, no matter how mundane it may seem. They are always excited at the prospect of seeing a new day, and the beginning and end of school holidays was no exception – they are happy to see what new things are in store.

When you were young, every day seemed to be an eternity, and presented new chances for you to make a friend, or explore the world of school and learn new things in class. Kids are like that – they rarely carry baggage from today into tomorrow, and always want to start anew – similar to the attitude the family of a drug addict may have when sending their loved one to recovery using Recovery Village resources in Arizona.

Being the hero of your story

Children’s stories are interesting – and they usually involve them being the heroes of their own story, making them very interesting. The world generally moves around them, which is something that definitely changes the older we get.

Because we do not want to seem like we are bragging, we downplay every accomplishment that we have. However, there is a thin line between appreciating the effort you have made in something and self-depreciation – you end up putting yourself down, all in an effort to look more relatable to others. Change this mindset – modesty does not mean you put yourself down, it means that you appreciate the efforts you make without putting others down. Be proud of yourself, and be proud of how far you have come.


It is good to pursue creative endeavors

Very many times, you will see children lose themselves in a creative activity, because they are having so much fun doing it – whether it is acting in a school play, singing, dancing, drawing, coloring, and other activities. Even an activity that looks mundane like playing with clay or mud is exciting, just because of the endless possibilities it offers.

This enjoyment should lead to the question – how many times as an adult have you enjoyed the creative process? For some reason, That creative spark we all had as kids seems to fade away as we grow older, except for people in creative jobs like artists and fictional writers. How many times have you indulged your creative side?


Not many people tell you this, but the root of creativity is not the fact that your creative talent is so good that others cannot keep up. In fact, the answer is simpler than you think – it is all about courage.

Children are fearless in whatever they do – at least, in most of what they do, as long as they love it. That fearlessness drives them to experiment and do many activities to support their creative nature, like a child can sing along to a song on the radio because they love it, and they will not mind the reactions from other people around them, unless it is overly negative.

As an adult, chances are that you restrict yourself too much for fear of looking like you do not know something, or you are not good at it like someone else. Let go of that fear – be like a child and do that thing with determination and hope, without any fear of failure. Children teach you to embrace your life fully and do what you want.

Stay active

All kids do not enjoy being cooped up inside the house all day. Even if it is going to see their friends, or play with other children until they are tired, children seem to enjoy being outdoors no matter what they are doing.

Adults tend to think of all physical activity as ‘building up the body’s fitness levels’, and exercise stops being fun and enjoyable. Approach it from the eyes of a child – they do not see it as ‘keeping fit’, they just see it as having a good time with their pals.

Laughs are good for the soul

A kid will always seem to find joy in whatever they are experiencing around them. Laughs are good for you as well, and their abilities to find silliness everywhere is admirable. Let go of that uptight nature you may have, and do not take life too seriously – a good laugh is not only good for helping you stay young, but also teaches you to appreciate even the small moments in your life.

Grow and develop your friendships

Among the most memorable activities as a child was making a new friend. It did not matter if you had numerous friends or not – just finding someone else you had something in common with was enough. These reasons can include loving the same soccer team, attending a new school, going to a birthday party, or living in the same vicinity.

Adults need to remember one lesson from this point – the more, the merrier. Kids can make new friends out of a myriad of reasons, and you should not be afraid to do the same even as you grow older.

Final thoughts

As you interact with children, you will realize they have many things to teach you, and many life lessons from them as well. It is important to cultivate these lessons in your life, and you will get better at what you do.

When Is It Time to Seek Professional Help for Your Child?

Sometimes, it isn’t uncommon for children to get out of control due to various external and internal factors that affect them during the impressionable years of their lives. It’s at times like those that specialized clinics such as Family Psychiatry of North Jersey offer the right help needed for those parents who are clever enough to seek it before it’s too late. However, one of the biggest problems is realizing when it really is time to ask for external help and making that difficult but necessary decision to go through with it. If you think that you are at a stage where you are fiddling with the idea of seeking professional help for behavioral problems in your child, the following points should make that decision easier.

When Is It Time to Seek Professional Help for Your Child

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Frequent warnings or threats to inflict harm upon one’s own self during rage feats is a definite sign that you need help from a professional psychiatrist or therapist. If such behavior is also accompanied by actual self-harm like cutting, bruising, punching the wall etc. it’s time to seek that help as soon as possible.

Disruptive Behavior

When the behaviors and actions of the child begin to disrupt both personal and family activities, it is time to consider counseling. How those behaviors will manifest themselves will vary from child to child. For example, a child may throw a tantrum each time he doesn’t get something that he wants and may make it a point to disrupt everything until he/she gets it. If the tantrum includes loud screaming, punching and kicking, the need to seek help is even more serious than a parent may realize.

Helplessness on the Parent’s Part

Most parents think that they are perfectly capable of handling their children’s problems, and more often than not, they are mistaken. However, the worst cases are those where the parents actually feel helpless and unable to handle the situation on their own. It is an obvious symptom that serious care would soon be necessary to ensure both the wellbeing of your family and your child’s future. Even a few sessions of expert therapy can put the parents back in control and improve the situation a lot.

When He/She is the Bully

If one sibling is afraid of the other and has ever complained of threats or even physical violence from his/her sister/brother, it’s time to step in and take action. This is a behavioral disorder that is clearly indicative of the fact that the child is a bully in the making. At times, this behavior or tendency to bully may also spread towards adults in the house or outside it, which could eventually lead to criminal activities as he/she grows older. Early professional guidance is of the utmost importance and the sooner he/she gets it, the more effective the therapy sessions will be.

As a parent, it is your responsibility and duty to make sure that your child grows into a happy and healthy human being. While in a lot of the situations, some disciplinary action, extra attention, candid communication and sincere care is enough to solve issues, it isn’t always the case unfortunately. In fact, it isn’t a bad idea to seek a therapist’s aid even when you are not sure if you need help with the parenting because there is nothing to lose by doing so. At the very least, it will give you some peace of mind and helpful guidance from an expert.

Is Scuba Diving Safe While Pregnant

Pregnant Scuba DivingMany people argue about the safety of diving when pregnant women, many say it’s okay, but every parents and pregnant women in particular is expecting their child to be born later in a healthy and normal condition. Therefore many women are very worried and doubting the safety of the fetus when scuba diving.

In science of medicine, some obstetricians conclude when pregnant women do scuba diving and are at a certain depth then the air pressure will inhibit the circulation of oxygen to the fetus, this can lead to organ damage of the baby. Therefore many obstetricians advise not to do scuba diving when a woman is pregnant, to reduce the risk of fetal safety.

We noted from www.splashdive.com there are some experiences about the condition of pregnant women who do scuba diving. Yes indeed sometimes a matter of debate needs verification to take a conclusion, let alone it concerns health and human life.

Here is told that there are 2 pregnant women who do scuba diving, the first mother gave birth to a normal and healthy child. While the mother who gave birth to children who have heart defects. From these two things can be concluded that the risk of diving for pregnant women is very high.

From these conclusions, Divers Alert Network (AND) advises all pregnant women not to scuba diving until their baby is born.

Caring for your Dining floors

Most Americans spend several hours a week inthe kitchen preparing meals and cooking for their families. The constant demand for food and clean dishes can leave people with families feeling especially overwhelmed. You may find yourself asking “how can I cut down on time spent in the kitchen without sacrificing the quality and standards that I have come to know and expect”. Fret no more! This guide is here to impart valuable tips and advice for people trying to save time and money in the kitchen!

Integrated Microwave

One of the classic counter clutterers has long been the microwave. Some companies have begun making integrated microwave/range hood combos. The appliance mounts directly above your stove and provides the ability to capture and clean vapor, steam, and smoke. Most feature adjustable fan speeds for a more custom cooking experience and an overhead light to keep any late night cooking you may do illuminated. Integrated microwave range hoods are great for anyone trying to save space on their kitchen counters and streamline their appliances.

Ice maker

We all have a friend who refuses to live in the 21st century and purchase an ice maker. Every time they make a trip to the freezer they have to fight with their antiquated medieval ice cube trays just for a cold drink. Most fridges come with ice makers built inside, so why should you continue to drink luke warm beverages? Visit Home Depot, Best Buy, or Lowes to see their deals on the most energy efficient and cost effective models.

Baking stones

If you operate your oven on a regular basis you are all too familiar with how frustrating it can be to lubricate pans with a coat of grease only to scrape your food off when you are cleaning up. Baking Stones are specially made with a teflon like outer coating that keeps food from sticking to its outer edge. Baking Stones cook things perfectly from cookies to pizza. Baking stones need virtually no maintenance making for a convenient and easy kitchen experience.

Kitchen flooring

If you cook frequently you likely clean frequently. Depending on if you have kids you may be familiar with the endless cleaning of floors. Have you considered getting hardwood floors? Hardwood floors offer easy to clean surfaces and easy to install designs. Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware store carry everything needed to make the switch to hardwood. Consider shooting over to Groupon Goods Kitchen & Dining for excellent savings and coupons on hardwood floors.

Menopause – What You Need To Know

Menopause – What You Need To Know

Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and vaginal dryness are just four of the symptoms of menopause that are thought to be associated with hormonal imbalances. Menopause or the change of life happens when a woman’s ovaries stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Declining estrogen levels can also put some women at greater risk of developing osteoporosis, a disease weakens that weakens the bones.

In most women, the change of life is a gradual process. Periods grow more irregular and then stop altogether. The average age when this occurs is 51, but genetic variation determines the timing.

Women who are affected by moderate to severe menopausal symptoms or who may have greater odds of developing osteoporosis may be candidates for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen is prescribed to replace the natural estrogens that are no longer being manufactured by the ovaries, while progesterone is added to lessen the risk of uterine cancers.

Synthetic Hormones versus Bioidentical Hormones

Synthetic hormones are hormones that have been synthesized in laboratories according to chemical processes that have been patented by pharmaceutical companies. Bioidentical hormones, on the other hand, are hormones that have been produced from natural sources such as plants.

Compounding pharmacists are able to customize bioidenticals into a wider variety of formulations than are available with hormone replacements manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Bioidenticals can be swallowed as a capsule, applied as a cream, or even inserted under the skin in pellet form. This makes using them very easy.

The body does not recognize synthetic hormones as identical to the hormones the body produces. Many researchers suspect that this is the reason why so many unpleasant side effects are associated with the use of synthetic hormones. Bioidenticals, however, are indistinguishable from hormones manufactured by the human body and produce physiological results that are identical to those produced by the body’s own endogenous hormones.

Common Bioidentical Hormones Used in Replacement Therapy

Several different bioidenticals are commonly used to replace the natural hormones that the body no longer produces after menopause.

  • Estrogen

Bioidentical estrogen can be used to reduce the frequency of hot flashes and night sweats that are so often found among post-menopausal women. It can also help women regain an interest in sexual pleasure that may have disappeared due to changes in vaginal mucosa and elasticity that are caused by low body estrogen levels. Bioidentical estrogens can safeguard against osteoporosis and may even play an important role in helping the brain stay supple and fit, thereby offering protection against Alzheimer’s disease and other types of progressive dementia.

  • Progesterone

Bioidentical progesterone can support and enhance the benefits of estrogen replacement therapy while it also helps protect the body against uterine cancers. Progesterone is a natural diuretic that can keep the body from retaining excess fluid. In titrated doses, progesterone has a calming effect that can help with depression, mood swings, and insomnia.

  • Testosterone

Bioidentical testosterone also provides a measure of protection against osteoporosis. Its most valuable role among post-menopausal women, however, may be in boosting sexual energy.

Bioidentical testosterone has this effect in both women and men. Men go through an experience equivalent to menopause called andropause. The effects of andropause are related to declining levels of testosterone within the male body. Bioidentical testosterone can help restore hormone levels, which leads to better defined musculature, less hair loss, more energy, and – best of all – a more vigorous sex drive without the need for medications designed to correct erectile dysfunction.

Bioidentical hormonal replacement is a relatively new approach to male and female menopause, but it’s one that’s gotten great results so far and promises even more in the future. To learn more about bioidentical hormone therapy click here for more information.

How To Look Great This Summer

michpsych.org ImageWith summer approaching many people want to look their best and feel their best. Looking your best is a process that takes quite some time but with a few lifestyle adjustments it is more than possible. The days of crash diets should be over as many healthcare professionals have shown the danger and damage that these diets can. The following are some things that you can do to look your best for this upcoming summer.

Taking care of your skin leading up to and during the summer is extremely important. Healthy skin with a tan can take years off of a person’s look. There are also other alternative like products from Tria Beauty which now are more affordable as there are coupons available on Groupon. Moisturizing is one of the most important things that can be done if you are out in the sun for extended periods of time. Dry skin can tend to crack and peel which can ruin a tan and just isn’t attractive.

A good natural diet is important to have and cutting out processed foods is a great way to lose some weight. The Paleo diet has gotten popular over the last couple of years as people who take part in this tend to lose weight. The premise is not eating anything that wasn’t available thousands of years ago. This cuts out the complex sugars that are in soda and even the complex carbs that many people crave.

Getting into shape is the part of looking great for summer that most people dread. Something as simple as a quick exercise routine in the morning and at night can shed the pounds. Make sure to set a workout schedule for the week in writing as this will help you hold yourself accountable. Ease into working out as many people injure themselves from trying to do too much too fast and injury is the easiest way to get back out of shape.

Looking great this summer will take some work but it is possible. With only a few months away it is important to start these healthy lifestyle choices sooner rather than later. How are you going to look your best this summer?

Counting Calories to Lose Weight

I have been overweight all of my life. It started when I was a lonely kid and my mom would use food as a comforting tool for me. I continued that trend throughout college and didn’t really see a need to change until my husband and I discovered we were pregnant with our first child. I was about 30 pounds overweight, and my doctor told me that my extra weight could affect my pregnancy. I went home and looked up calories needed to lose weight, because I wanted to give our child the best chance he has, which started with me.

I knew that it was no longer just about me, and thankfully my husband jumped on board with me. He was also carrying a little extra weight at the time, so we decided to make a lifestyle change. We just did not know how many calories we needed to take in in order to make this a reality. Before, it was no big deal to split a big bag of chips at night while we were watching TV. It was also no big deal to order a hamburger and fries at a drive thru for a late night snack after a movie. Continue reading …