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Dr. Hitesh K Patel Edison Treats Eye Disorder Using Latest Technologies

Dr. Hitesh is a renowned eye surgeon and provides high quality eye care to the patients. He makes use of the most advanced techniques and procedures to carry out the therapy. He is the founder of the Patel Eye care and Patel Eye Associates.  He has more than 19 years of experience in this field. He began his career in Pennsylvania and then started practicing in Edison, New Jersey. He is very friendly and patiently addresses the patient’s problem. He also offers many of ophthalmology service. Eye is the essential part of the body and it needs to be taken care well.

Educational Background

He had obtained his medical degree from Jefferson medical college, Philadelphia in the year 1993. He completed his undergraduate degree from Penn State University.  He has done his internship at the Crozer Chester Medical center and residency at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Dentistry of New Jersey and University of Medicine.  He also updates his knowledge according to the current trend and attends many international conferences. He also attends all the meetings that take place at American Society of Refractive and Cataract Surgeons.

Treatment for adult strabismus

Many people face problem due to misaligned eyes and recent technology offers painless and bloodless treatments. It aids to rectify the position of the eyes and allowing them to have a proper vision. Thick lens eyeglasses and surgeries were the only methods that used to treats this problem in the past.  Now, Dr. Hitesh K Patel Edison rectifies or improves the eye alignment through corrective contact lenses, prism lenses, and vision therapy.  Dr. Hitesh treats the problem using special lenses which will modify the light that is entering the eye and lessen the amount of eye turning.

Patel Eye Associates

It is located in Plainfield Avenue, New Jersey. Doctor Hitesh and Himanshu looks after the clinic. They provide solution to all common eye problems and provide suggestion about glasses & contact lenses. Various kind of insurance plans are also available here and which will reduce the financial stress of the patients. Video tutorial is also provided to the patient before undergoing the treatment and it gives details about the problem that they are facing.

Dr. Hitesh K Patel Edison also performs endoscopic procedures and offers finest service using innovative technologies. The patients can schedule their appointment through a phone call. Contribution of Patel to this field is very immense and aims to provide optimum service to the people who need his help.

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