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Dr. Nir Hus – A Great Person by his Profession as well as by Humanity

Dr. Nir Hus is one of those persons who are always busy in their studies and medical practices in a variety of aspects. His academic achievements were not only bounded within the field of science but his hard work and efforts unlocked several other doors of wisdom and knowledge. His woks, articles, reports and researches have turn out to be an advantage for our young generation.

It actually proved how much capable, dedicated and skillful he is and also this reflects his expertise in various fields. Irrespective of all these remarkable achievements and success, in 2008 he wrote a book on Biological Chemistry and got a publication as well for some amazing articles written by him on Cardiomyopathies.

His academic qualifications are equipped with outstanding degrees from some great places. Dr. Nir Hus has the privilege of studying from the University of Miami and completed his degrees of M.D and PhD. After that he struggled for the next level and started his research on multiple biology fields. He decided to dedicate his life for science and achieved two science degrees within a year, same year in fact. Soon, he continues his quest of thirst and determine following discoveries:

  1. He identified two members from the bacterial peptidases family, chaperones and proteases, YajL and YhbO.
  2. From the family of Multi-drug Resistant he found out a new protein (PenP) member.

He has also researched on some other subjects like cervical cancer, breast tumors, gynecologic tumors, U46 bacterial proteases, and the list goes on. He also has publication in gynaecological oncology and holds a patent of United States for Xcisor. There are many biological papers and journals which publish his researches. He used to work in a medical centre at Mount Sinai along with this he played a very main or leading role in different other projects with which he got some expertise touch.

Nir Hus is an entrepreneur and a co-founder of a firm, which deals in medical record management and avails management services of medical records. Moreover, since 1996 till 2006, this firm used to provide different services in health care sector.

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