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Everything you need to know about laser acne removal

Laser acne removal is a therapy which aims to prevent pustules and papules, but has less effect on non-inflamatory acne and skin lesions. Laser, basically, has the same structure as lamps at your house, but they have some special components – porpynins, which react to bacteria and then kill them. Moreover, such treatment lessens the skin oil level. This kind of treatment cannot be performed without the preceding doctor’s examination and diagnosis. Doctors, as a rule, recommend three to four treatments a month apart, but the frequency of your visits depends on the level of acnes you have. Sometimes before getting to laser acne removal doctors apply to photosensitizers, which make your skin more sensitive to laser treatment.

Is it effective?

Not many people today tried to estimate the effectiveness of laser acne removal. But it is pretty hard to evaluate pros and cons of the treatment as it is difficult to see the effectiveness in the long run or compare face design. But none the less, all these studies prove the improvements of the acne symptoms in general. The treatment based on acne removal helps to remove only part of bacteria that is why sooner or later their colonies grow again. Doctors also say that only laser is not enough and other ways of treatment should be combined.

Are there side effects?

The treatment is not always painless and may cause some discomfort. Some redness as well as inflammation, skin peeling and blistering after the treatment may take place. In rare cases skin darkening and folliculitis may appear. So it is strongly recommended to avoid sunlight within first 30 hours after the treatment.

Real people reviews

Here we would like to show you real people’s opinions about acne removal so you would be able to form your own opinion on that.


My face suddenly broke out with inflammatory, also known as cystic acne. Horrible. I am a model, so it was really awful. The doctor gave me 2 rX topicals, and in one week, my skin got clear. I HIGHLY recommend laser treatment! – Jenny, 23.

My acne just broke out in past few months so I had to act FAST. I went to a doctor. I am so glad I did it! He gave me different options to choose from and recommended laser acne removal. BEST DECISION EVER! My huge cystic acne was GONE! My face looks much better than it has been in a very long time 😉 I am so happy I found the right way and just in time! – Kate, 35.


I was given too many cortisone injections for an infected that was on the bridge of my nose. Afterwards I had a terrible scar on the bridge of my nose. An actual hole. I would never recommend it to anyone! – Elis, 31.

What is the best peel to treat acne scarring? I have normal to dry skin. Got 3 laser treatments already and that had to clear up my skin a bit but still I have marks there. Laser treatments are too pricey. – Martha, 27.


So far no one can say with 100% confidence whether laser acne removal worth time and money spent or not. Researchers in Europe conclude that acne removal worth everything as it influence even your psychiatric health, but one should always consult a doctor before the treatment and always ask him/herself: do I really want it?

Clarence Ward – senior specialist in problematic skin with explanation of skin troubles based on the material of Cmlacne.ca laser acne removal clinic.

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