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Gastric Sleeve Candidates

Gastric Sleeve is one of the latest weight loss method that can be included in Bariatric Surgery type. This weight loss surgery is often called as gastric sleeve resection or sleeve gastrectomy. On the surgery, the surgeon will remove about 85% from the whole stomach part, so it has a sleeve or tube form. This surgery is a laparoscopicallty surgery, so there would be small incisions. The surgeon will insert a small camera and a small instrument to remove the 85% of the stomach. The stomach with tube form is sealed. The procedure can be followed with gastric bypass if the patient has lost a significant weight.

The next question is: who can be the right candidates for Gastric Sleeve? From the requirement of the National Institute of Health or NIH, the candidate of the weight loss surgery should have higher than 40 body mass index. It means those who can be the weight loss candidates are men with about 100 pounds weight or women with 80 pounds weight. People who are having 35 to 39 body mass index can also become the candidates for this weight loss surgery if they are having weight-related disease like high blood pressure, diabetes and many others.

People who are going to have Gastric Sleeve should stop smoking. Smoking will only increase some risks like pneumonia, blood clot, infection, complication after surgery and slow healing. It is recommended to quit smoking about a month before and after the surgery. Some patients are also recommended to have a diet before the surgery. Unlike Gastric Bypass, since this is a new surgery procedure, then it will be quite hard for us to find insurance for this weight loss procedure. The cost of this weight loss procedure is about $10,000. Patients who have this procedure won’t be able to find significant weight loss after the first surgery. They will find some significant reduction after the second weight loss surgery procedure. In obese people, a plastic surgery can follow the series after they have a significant weight loss. The plastic surgery will help them eliminate the excessive skin.

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