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Getting to Know Satori World Medical’s Health and Shared Wealth Program

There are several medical travel companies in the United States today, but only few provide the best quality services to patients. There are certain factors that make a medical travel company different from others and one of these factors include unique program offerings. Satori World Medical, the world’s first global healthcare network and U.S.’s leading medical travel company offers unique programs to its clients. The company’s ‘Health and Shared Wealth’ (U.S. Patent 8160897), is one of today’s groundbreaking offerings in the medical travel industry.

What is ‘Health and Shared Wealth’ program?

Under this program, patients and plan sponsors can share in the financial benefit of global healthcare. An employee who chooses to go abroad to undergo medical procedure through Satori services, the company offers different methods that enable him or her to share the savings with his or her plan sponsor.

What are the methods one could choose from?

There are several methods a patient can choose from in sharing the savings with his or her plan sponsor. One of these methods is shared savings through Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). Basically, HRA is a tax exempt savings that allows the patient to reimburse for qualified medical expenses (e.g. dental services in another country). Patients who choose this method may combine their HRA with High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP). A patient can do this regardless whether or not the HDHP has Health Savings Account (HSA). According to Satori’s website, when a patient chooses one of the company’s International Centers of Excellence, he or she becomes eligible for an agreed upon shared savings to be deposited into his or her tax-exempt HRA.

Who thought of this program?

The man responsible for the creation of the ‘Health and Shared’ program is no other than the company’s Founder, President, and CEO – Steven Lash. Mr. Lash has more than 25 years of experience in the field of healthcare. In 2007, he crafted the business plan for Satori, which he continually improved until it reached its full maturity and form. The program of Steven Lash Satori has reaped different commendations and lauds from different organizations including Newsweek, NBC, KPBS, among others.

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