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Healthy Eating or an Early Grave

When my doctor told me that I had to lose weight or face an early grave, it was clear that I was going to have my work cut out for me. I began to research whole foods, organic foods and organic herbal supplements. One of the hardest things about beginning a low carb diet is to shop for the food you will be eating. Many people are excited about beginning their new diet but get tripped up when they go to a supermarket. The biggest thing to focus on initially is to buy whole foods. But what is a whole food?A whole food is any food that has not been refined by man. Loin chops are whole foods as the only thing that has been done is to cut the meat up into smaller portions.

Whole grain breads are whole foods, as are baked potatoes. Fruit is the ambiguous one as it can be fresh, or frozen but what if its canned? If it is canned you need to select fruit in water rather than fruit that is canned with high fructose corn syrup. What is not a whole food is the potato chips that you are used to eating. Other non-whole foods include French fries, white bread, jams and jellies.So why eat whole foods? It is simple. The more Man has refined the food, the less nutrition is retained.

Take whole grain breads for example. The whole grain has tons of nutritional value, but as it gets refined into white bread, almost all of the nutrition is processed out of it. The same goes for other grains like cereal. Whole grains are good for you, sugary cereals are not.By focusing on eating whole foods you will make sure that you are giving your body the proper nutrition and will set yourself up for diet and weight loss success.

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