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How to Decide Which Massage is Ideal for You

Your ideal massage will be one that soothes your body, mind and spirit at the same time. There are several types of massages to choose from.  For some, a therapeutic massage to relieve pain from muscle strains works better with aromatherapy. To relieve stress or fatigue, hot rocks are an option. Speak with the massage therapist to get help selecting the right type of massage for your specific needs.

Swedish Massage

This is the most popular type of massage. For most, it is considered to be traditional massage therapy, targeting the entire back. Special attention is often given to the neck area where most of the tension in the upper back resides.  This type of massage should not leave anyone feeling sore or achy. It is meant to act as a light release of muscle tension for total body relaxation.


Some massage therapists offer aromatherapy massages. This is a traditional Swedish massage that is combined with calming, scented oils. Most of the time these oils are used in ceramic burners around the room to create a more relaxing experience.

Some therapists prefer to use scented oils on their hands and allow the aroma to drift forward on its own.

Hot Rocks

Smooth stones are kept in a steam box or other heating device for this type of massage. The smooth surface of the stones as they press against the back helps to push heat down into sore and achy tissue. Rather than sitting with a heating pad on, this is the ideal option to relieve pain, strained muscles and even injured nerves. The heat helps the body to relax.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages are known to leave clientele a little sore afterwards. The connective tissue that is often damaged due to an injury can often get tight and uncomfortable when the muscle groups around it are also tense. The deep tissue massage helps to loosen those groups of muscles and tissues.

This type of therapeutic relief is generally prescribed for weekly, if not multiple times weekly treatments by a physician or chiropractor.


Similar to a handheld Shiatsu massager, the same techniques are used by massage therapists with their hands. This is a type of Japanese massage technique that uses the finger tips and synchronized or timed movements to apply pressure. The pressure applied releases tension in muscles and also provides a feeling of stress relief.

Pregnancy Massage

It is common for expectant mothers to have a few aches and pains as her body grows. This is why a pregnancy massage is available. You should ensure that the massage therapy is certified for prenatal/pregnancy massages. If no certification is available, ask your OB/GYN for a referral.

Massages are ideal after a hard week at work or when traditional remedies are not working for pain relief. The reasons to seek a massage are rather simple, to relax and relieve muscle pain. For some, the reason is purely medical due to a severe injury. Regardless, it is a time to pamper yourself and get back to feeling normal.

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