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Quit Smoking Through Electronic Cigarettes The public has become aware of the dangers of tobacco smoking but many people find it hard to quit the vice. There have been numerous attempts to invent and manufacture smoking cessation products for quite some time. Nicotine addicts have tried smoking cessation products such as nicotine gums and patches to help relieve their dependency. E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are the newest products in the market. These are designed to imitate the look and feel of real cigarettes. They emit smoke as well but does not contain any tobacco. Compared to ordinary cigarettes, electronic cigarettes only contain nicotine vapor which only emits smoke but does not contain any harmful carcinogens. E-cigarettes have a nicotine cartridge containing liquid nicotine. When users inhale, the battery-powered atomizer converts a small amount of liquid nicotine into nicotine vapor. Inhaling the vapor of liquid nicotine can give the e-cigarette user a shot of nicotine in seconds compared to nicotine gum or patches. A small LED light at the tip of the e-cigarette glows orange when the user inhales to simulate a real cigarette.
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The nicotine cartridges usually come in various strengths. Most of the e-cigarette brands have different strengths available, from mild to full strength. These are designed for people who would like to quit smoking. As e-cigarette users get used to not smoking regular cigarettes, they will gradually reduce the nicotine strength until they quit.
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Nicotine gums and patches have slower nicotine hits compared to an electronic cigarette which is why smokers prefer an e cig. Many smokers fail to quit using nicotine gums or patches because they still look for the act of inhaling smoke using a cylindrical object. Electronic cigarettes are the best option for those who do not like using nicotine patches or nicotine gums. Electronic cigarettes are also more advantageous from a financial perspective. You would normally spend about ?8 for a set of five electronic cigarette cartridges which is already equivalent to about 500 cigarettes. The initial investment for an electronic cigarette starter kit is around ?50 but users can save more in the long run. Ever since it became popular, e-cigarettes have generated cheap imitation counterparts. Fake or imitation products would look very similar to an authentic e-cigarette and are usually half the cost of the real ones. It is not recommended to use these since they may not have gone through rigid testings that authentic electronic cigarettes have. They can be considered dangerous to your health. In places where regular cigarette smoking is not allowed, many e-cigarette smokers have no problem or worries in lighting up. For individuals who would like to quit smoking, many have turned to electronic cigarettes to curb their nicotine dependency.

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