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KEEP Anxiety At Bay With Natural Anxiety Remedies

So you boss is giving you a tough time at work. Things at home aren’t that great either with the bills growing every day. Looking for an effective way to beat the stress and keep them at bay. Well, the first obvious thing that comes to mind is to go see a doctor and get proscribed medicines to take care of your situation. However, this might not be the best step forward, since anxiety medicines might have severe side effects which if not handles properly can lead to major health concerns in your later life. Wondering what is the way out and how you can prevent stress while avoiding these side effects.

You will be glad to know that there is always an alternative way out, which doesn’t involve harmful drugs. Going organic is possibly the best way out if you want to steer clear of unnecessary side effects. Kava root is one remedy which is great to eliminate stress and anxiety very effectively. It helps to invoke a feeling of happiness and calmness, and is actually one of the most popular anxiety natural remedies in South Pacific.

How to consume Kava Roots

Although people in South Pacific usually drink kava roots as a beverage, however it is more popularly found globally in form of capsules. First the kava roots are powdered and then capsules are made to make it easy for consumption.

Benefits of Kava Roots:

Kava roots are known all over for their multiple health benefits. It acts a tonic, a sedative or an aphrodisiac, and is one of the best remedies to calm your brain when you feel highly stressed or anxious.

How does it work:

Kava roots, work by activating the GABA receptors of your brain, which reduces puts a stop to all symptoms of anxiety by slowing down neurological activity. The ingredients which help in t doing this are Kawain, Methysticin, Dihydroyangonon, Dihydrokawain and Yangonin.

What not to do:

If you are taking kava roots on a regular basic, make sure that you don’t have too much of it. A tad too much of the medication can cause euphoric feelings along with sleepiness and lethargy.

Hence take an organic step towards steering clear of anxiety and stress and stay fit.

Author Bio: Tony Rolland is a blogger and is an author of many articles related to alternative health, medical conditions and sport medicine. He writes about using anxiety natural remedies to treat symptoms of common anxiety disorder and depression.

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