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Know More PALS Certification

There are a few guidelines that you may find quite useful when you are trying to pass the AHA PALS test. PALS Certification or the certification of Pediatric Advanced Life Support is programmed by the American Heart Association.

The Following Are The Guidelines That You Can Use:

  • The study guides of the Zombie notes should be memorized and studied properly. The notes deal with the information that is acquired from the test questions, literature and real life. You will find them very useful in your practice of pediatric treatment. The algorithms should be understood and memorized. You should also study the arrhythmias and the different kind of treatments that are required for different situations. It is very important that the doses of drugs are well memorized. Then you should focus on the symptoms and the treatments accordingly.
  • The manual provided by the AHA PALS are very helpful and you should take them as reference for your studies. You can get the manuals in a DVD format. They can be very helpful for learning how to make application of the knowledge. There are a lot of information in the textbook regarding assessment of treatment in the situations that are critical, airway management, shock states, pharmacological modalities and treatments.
  • You should also have a basic understanding of the EKGs. If there is a critical illness there are chances of getting the rhythm and the rate of the heart affected. The practitioner should have the skill of identifying the chances of changes in the cardiac area and he should be able to treat it as well.
  • Another important thing that you should do scoring well is watch the videos on YouTube regarding PALS.
  • You should keep practicing until you get full control. It is the best way of reinforcing your knowledge.
  • It is very important that you go for a proper course as that is very helpful as you will be trained by the professional faculty.
  • All the doses and the medications of PALS should be reviewed. You should know all about, epinephrine, oxygen, amiodarone, atropine, andesine etc.

These are the guidelines that should be helpful for passing the test.

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