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Myths about Nursing Homes Debunked

Although there have been various scandals surrounding health care in nursing homes, most of these claims are fabricated. The myths regarding nursing home care are just that, myths. These facilities are some of the highest regulated in the healthcare system. Elder neglect or abuse are isolated situations that occur when applicants falsify applications and use alternative names to apply, making their backgrounds seem spotless.

Standards Must be Upheld

Sanitary and safety standards must be upheld in nursing homes. It is not a place to put a loved one and expect them to deteriorate. Standards of care are quite strict in this sector since these are certified nurses caring for the elders. Training courses along with verification of certification must be in place for anyone to work at a facility like this.

Safety is of the utmost importance, along with patient care. This means that security systems and cameras are in place in the facilities. Of course, there are some private areas where cameras cannot be but even the smallest complaints are checked out.

Inspections Do Occur Randomly

Inspections are completed at random in regards to nursing homes. This is to ensure that all of the statutes and regulations are being upheld. The facilities cannot be dirty, nothing must be requiring maintenance and all patient care areas have to be in full operating order.

In some cases, residents are interviewed to ensure that proper care is being given to them. If at any time a patient feels insecure or as if their care is not good enough, a phone call can be placed with a grievance agency for the matter to be looked into a little more carefully.

Quality Care is Possible in Long Term Facilities

Many consumers believe that the standard of care in long term facilities is subpar. This is anything but the truth. The caregivers working at nursing homes treat each patient like it is a member of his or her own family. Some patients require special care such as extra companionship, assistance with bathing or even a special meal. The staff at nursing homes will go the extra mile to make sure that these measures are taken to keep the resident in good health and spirit.

Activities Are Available

Nursing homes aren’t big buildings full of sanitary rooms and nurses. Most of the rooms do have general accommodations such as a sitting area, adjustable bed, a chest of drawers and a full bathroom. The facility ensures that meals and medication are delivered on time. There are activities such as exercise groups, craft time, outdoor activities and of course, scheduled physical therapy.

Your loved ones can get everything that they need in regards to quality care at nursing homes. These facilities strive to make the living situation appear as if it is just a bunch of people around the same age living in the same area. Everyone’s needs are different but the staff builds relationships with the residents and makes sure that the little things that they enjoy can be made possible to keep the smiles on their faces.

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