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Philippines Nose Lift Procedures

Cosmetic nose surgery is often described as rhinoplasty, and is a technique used to change the shape of the nose. It has also been used in facial reconstruction, or plastic surgery, where a smaller nose is part of a general shaping of the face including lifting the skin and plumping the cheeks. The Philippines offer a variety of different types of nasal surgery, including a Philippines nose lift, designed to reduce the size and shape of the nose. This is considered to be one of the most popular types of surgery in the country, and the reasons for the popularity of this operation vary according to the person describing the surgery.

Many doctors consider that Filipino patients tend to want the surgery in order to ‘westernize’ their features, and make the patient feel more comfortable in business talks with Americans or Australians. As business is so important to the big cities in the Philippines, nose lift surgery is seen as an essential part of dealing with the West. The nose lift can vary from changing the shape of the nose base, and the tip of the nose, as well as adding more definition to the bridge of the nose in Filipino patients.

However, it is not just native patients who require a Philippines nose lift. Some tourists from the West, including Americans, Australians and the English, also require nose reconstruction. Often, they want to remove large ‘roman’ style noses, or noses which seem over-large when compared to the face. Women in particular are interested in these changes, but men can also want to make their nose profile smoother. The Philippines offer a range of nose alterations which fit in with these demands. The surgeon will reduce the cartilage of the nose, and use a procedure known as ‘shaving’ to make the nose appear smaller and flatter.

Doctors know that even small changes to the shape of the nose will have an impact on the appearance of the patient, and so they may want to make the rhinoplasty changes over a series of appointments. This can be easily done for native people, but for cosmetic surgery tourists, several trips abroad might not be convenient. The type of changes given to the nose will depend very much upon the desired final appearance, and how much confidence the patient has in their new opinions.

In most cases, potential clients will be asked to visit the doctor, and have a review of their surgeries in order to assess how much alteration the face can stand. For example, there is generally a standard height for raising or lowering the bridge of the nose, depending upon the other facial features. Too high a bridge, and the nose could look absurd, too much reduction, and the nose will look ‘fallen in’, and even diseased. Generally, the surgeon will talk the matter over with the patient, and a new nose decided upon before any surgery is performed. This gives the patient the best chance of having a nose which they are really happy with.

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