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Phlebotomy Earnings – How To Make More Money

Phlebotomists are basically technicians that have the main task of drawing blood from donors and patients for treatment, testing and research reasons. At the same time, they need to be able to provide aftercare, explain procedures, process samples, label samples and direct them towards the appropriate destinations. A phlebotomist is a technologist and can also supervise other technicians. When faced with higher specializations and responsibilities, more knowledge appears and the earning potential automatically increases.

It is really important that proper education exists since this is something that will drastically increase how much money can be earned. You can obtain proper phlebotomy training throughout New Jersey and we have to say that you should take some time to make a proper choice. Some of the training programs are better than others. When you obtain a phlebotomy certificate and you pass the certifying exam, employment possibilities will grow.

If you want to make more money as a phlebotomist, you will want to think about the employment options that are available. Your employment location does have a huge impact on the salary that is offered. As a simple example, you may be offered a better salary when you work for a private practice as opposed to in a state hospital. You will be paid more based on the number of tasks that you do. Job responsibilities are obviously important and will be a deciding factor when calculating salaries.

Besides the possibility to go to another type of employer, you may also want to consider changing geographical location. In some cities you will be paid more as a certified phlebotomist. As a simple rule of thumb, in locations where there are more people, the demand for such professionals is a lot higher. Have patience and you will be able to make a correct choice about this but do remember the fact that changing cities may also bring in higher living costs.

In case you are interested, the states in which the phlebotomists are paid more are Illinois, California, Minnesota and Colorado. The lowest possible wages are available in Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina and, surprisingly, New York.

The bottom line is that you have to be strategic when referring to career planning. Phlebotomists need to be a little careful so that they can easily make the best choices for career advancements. Earning potential is basically increased by broadening skill sets and getting training that is relevant for the job positions that pay more.

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