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Preparing for a breast augmentation

Undergoing a breast augmentation seems so much easier and less scary if you know how everything works. Moreover, with the right and sufficient preparation for the procedure, your anxiety about the operation is reduced.

Plastic surgeon

It is very important that you choose a plastic surgeon you are comfortable with and trust. Once you find your surgeon, schedule your consultation appointment where the surgeon will help you choose the best implants for you, its size and how the surgery will be performed.

Your surgeon will give a detailed explanation about the procedure and answer all your queries. Good surgeons will not pressurize you into doing anything and will take time to answer your questions. If required, you can have another consultation after the initial consultation to clear any queries you have.

Surgery day

You should not eat or drink anything for 12 hours before the scheduled surgery time. Wear loose fitting clothes, do not wear makeup and remove all your jewelry. When you arrive at your doctor’s clinic, you have to sign in and may have to wait if your surgeon is running behind. You are then called to the surgery room where you are placed on the table and administered IV anesthetic so that you do not feel anything during the breast augmentation.


The surgery starts when you are placed under anesthesia wherein the surgeon makes an incision wherever you had decided to place an incision. Incisions are placed around the nipple, under the arm or in the breast fold and once cut; they separate the muscles and tissue from glandular tissue so that a space is created to place the implant.

These implants are filled before the surgery and once the muscles and tissues are separated, it is placed inside the created pocket. The incision is then closed and stitched and your surgeon moves to the other breast to repeat the procedure.

After the surgery

On completing the surgery, your surgeon will place your chest in bandages and you are sent home for recovery. Make sure you have someone drive you home as you may feel woozy because of the anesthesia, and find it difficult to concentrate and drive.

Leave the bandage on till it’s your next follow up appointment wherein your doctor removes it. There will be some soreness and you will have to take some time off work to recover. You are usually advised to take some time off work to recover and in most cases; you should not wear any underwire bras for some time as the implants may take the shape of the wire.

So a breast augmentation is actually an exciting but scary process. So make sure your doctor answers all your questions, and that you are prepared before undergoing your surgery.

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