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Product to Grow Longer and Fuller Eyelashes

There are all kinds of things that have been found to do more than what they were originally designed to accomplish. This is very well true of medications. Minoxidil has been discovered to grow hair as a side effect of use, but it originally was made to control blood pressure. Now many people may not want to grow hair in some spots, but there a lot of people who want it on their heads. So, it was found that topical application of minoxidil would grow hair. Careprost for eyelashes contains Bimatoprost, which was originally made to lower intraocular pressure in the eyes for those who suffer from glaucoma. However, it has also been discovered to help with hypotrichosis that causes those thin and sparse eyelashes as well. Now this eye drop can be used to grow eyelashes.

It is amazing how things developed for one use are discovered to be useful in other areas. The original minoxidil was taken in pill form and therefore spread systemically through the body. You could grow hair where you did not want it. Then someone got the idea of making it into a topical solution that could be rubbed on the scalp where it grows hair. It works best on the back of the head up high at the place referred to as the vertex. Now those with thin and short eyelashes can use Careprost eye drops to grow longer and thicker eyelashes.

Women everywhere spend long periods of time using mascaras of many different brands and formulations to artificially lengthen and thicken their eyelashes. Careprost can eliminate the need for the use of mascara at all. This is a game changer much like how minoxidil makes it possible for men and women to regrow scalp hair. Now there is a way to grow longer and thicker eyellashes as well.

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