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Things You Need To Know About Hair Loss Hair loss is something that worries both men and women, though men are more prone to it. Even so, it is important to learn about possible causes of hair loss. A mere deficiency in vitamins, or even something complex as underlying condition could be the culprit behind your continued hair loss. The good news is that there are non-surgical hair growth ways that are able to treat hair loss both in women and men. Discussed here are reasons why you might be suffering hair loss. Traumas as a result of events such as car collisions can cause temporary hair loss. Telogen effluvium is a hair loss type that is associated with trauma. Note that hair growth is a programmed cycle that has different phases. Undergoing traumatic experiences meddles with these phases in a manner that shedding becomes inevitable. Once your body returns to the norm, the hair growth process will be back in business. Hastened weight loss is a trauma trigger as we, meaning that it could cause hair loss. Weight loss if not done properly actually stresses the body. There could be deficiencies in case you were to take an improper weight loss diet. A physician weight loss program is advised as the hair loss issue will be taken care of by probably through prescription appetite suppressants that ensure you lose weight appropriately.
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Being vitamin B deficient can cause hair loss, though this is little known. No need to worry if this is the reason behind your hair loss because there are vitamin injections that can solve the problem. Dietary changes can help as well since foods such as fish, non-citrus fruits, and meat are rich in vitamin B, and thus offer natural hair restoration.
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Hormonal change that results from an imbalance of female and male sex hormones can result in hair loss. Whenever androgen (male hormones) run high, there is the risk of ovarian cysts, diabetes, menstrual changes, weight gain, and hair thinning. A disease such as poly cystic ovary syndrome stems from male hormones being in excess, and thus methods such as low testosterone therapy can be used to stop the hair loss. Hypothyroidism is a condition that results from the thyroid gland becoming under active. The thyroid gland is located in the neck area and plays a major role in metabolism and growth. Its dismal performance thus meddles with growth, but a medic will be in a position to know the cause after carrying out some tests. After your thyroid is up and running, hair growth should also be restored. Hair loss is without a doubt stressing for many people. This does not mean that nothing can be done about it because affordable hair restoration procedures are available. With the above information, you are now informed about what might be causing your hair loss.

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