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Relief Your Asthma Pain Using Singulair

Do you often get hard cough or whistle sound after inhaling dust or pollute? Be careful, it can be the sign that you have asthma. Asthma is the respiratory inflammation of bronchial tubes that makes the tubes narrowed and swollen. When the tube is narrowed or swollen, the circulation of the air is distracted and your breath will get hard. It can be happen sometimes, so you need to bring your asthma pain relief wherever you go. There is no exact cure to get rid of asthma. It can only be relieved with some drugs. Thus, you need to know and note every change in your body.

The symptoms and signs

The symptoms of asthma can be varied. It depends on how old you get that and how bad your asthma is. You need to remember that asthma is not a derivative disease. You can get that even your parents are free of this disease. It can be triggered by the lungs conditions, the environment, and the life style. The major signs of asthma are:

  • The shortness breath at night
  • The whistle sound that comes out when you breathe
  • Cold and tightness on the chest even when you are not a smoker
  • Extreme cough that has been worse at early morning and night

Treat your asthma pain

Singulair is one of the asthma relief medicines. It is the branded name of montelukast sodium. By taking Singulair, the blood concentration on your lungs will be decreased, so you won’t get that suffocated torture. It is safe since it has no stereoid on it. Singulair are sold in various dosages. It is sold in 10mg, 5mg, and 4mg. the price are also different based on what kind of drug you want to buy: branded or generic. The branded Singulair are sold from $66 up to $190, and the generic are a bit cheaper. With the bigger amount of pills, it is sold $82 up to $92.

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