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Some Hairstyles You Can Choose This Summer-Spring 2014

When talking about beauty in the year of 2014, we are actually also talking about some hairstyles that can be chosen to look great in spring-summer season this year. The fact is that there are some choices of hairstyles that are predicted to be the next trends. The first example is rock and roll wave hairstyle. This one can be naturally created by washing your hair with hair conditioner instead of shampoo.

This year is also the time for those with natural straight hair to shine. This is so because the next example of the hair trends is no other else but the straight smooth hair. The straight style meant here does not perfect as seen in iron-straight hair. That is why it is mentioned previously as the natural straight one.

Other than the previous examples, there are still many other hair styles that become trends in the spring-summer season. For instance there is Ariel-style, which is no other else but the natural long and wavy hairstyle that is inspired from a cartoon character in Disney. One from so many reasons why this hairstyle is trending is because it is quite easy to maintain. The rest of the examples can be checked out in http://thegarven.com/tag/hair-trends/.

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