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Sometimes, children are the best teachers in life matters – here are seven lessons to learn from your young ones.

Hanging out with kids is sometimes the best decision you can make, regardless of whether they are your own or when you are called upon for a babysitting session. Children seem to know some things that you have forgotten as you grew into an adult, and they seem to enjoy life more intensely without fear.

So what do they know? What makes children some of the most interesting people to sit down and have a chat with? As an adult, sometimes it feels like you are constantly struggling to return to that place of innocence that you once had as a kid. Here are some valuable lessons you may learn from the young ones around you.

Every day is a new opportunity to start afresh.

If you look at a young child, you can see he excitement they have over ending a school day, no matter how mundane it may seem. They are always excited at the prospect of seeing a new day, and the beginning and end of school holidays was no exception – they are happy to see what new things are in store.

When you were young, every day seemed to be an eternity, and presented new chances for you to make a friend, or explore the world of school and learn new things in class. Kids are like that – they rarely carry baggage from today into tomorrow, and always want to start anew – similar to the attitude the family of a drug addict may have when sending their loved one to recovery using Recovery Village resources in Arizona.

Being the hero of your story

Children’s stories are interesting – and they usually involve them being the heroes of their own story, making them very interesting. The world generally moves around them, which is something that definitely changes the older we get.

Because we do not want to seem like we are bragging, we downplay every accomplishment that we have. However, there is a thin line between appreciating the effort you have made in something and self-depreciation – you end up putting yourself down, all in an effort to look more relatable to others. Change this mindset – modesty does not mean you put yourself down, it means that you appreciate the efforts you make without putting others down. Be proud of yourself, and be proud of how far you have come.


It is good to pursue creative endeavors

Very many times, you will see children lose themselves in a creative activity, because they are having so much fun doing it – whether it is acting in a school play, singing, dancing, drawing, coloring, and other activities. Even an activity that looks mundane like playing with clay or mud is exciting, just because of the endless possibilities it offers.

This enjoyment should lead to the question – how many times as an adult have you enjoyed the creative process? For some reason, That creative spark we all had as kids seems to fade away as we grow older, except for people in creative jobs like artists and fictional writers. How many times have you indulged your creative side?


Not many people tell you this, but the root of creativity is not the fact that your creative talent is so good that others cannot keep up. In fact, the answer is simpler than you think – it is all about courage.

Children are fearless in whatever they do – at least, in most of what they do, as long as they love it. That fearlessness drives them to experiment and do many activities to support their creative nature, like a child can sing along to a song on the radio because they love it, and they will not mind the reactions from other people around them, unless it is overly negative.

As an adult, chances are that you restrict yourself too much for fear of looking like you do not know something, or you are not good at it like someone else. Let go of that fear – be like a child and do that thing with determination and hope, without any fear of failure. Children teach you to embrace your life fully and do what you want.

Stay active

All kids do not enjoy being cooped up inside the house all day. Even if it is going to see their friends, or play with other children until they are tired, children seem to enjoy being outdoors no matter what they are doing.

Adults tend to think of all physical activity as ‘building up the body’s fitness levels’, and exercise stops being fun and enjoyable. Approach it from the eyes of a child – they do not see it as ‘keeping fit’, they just see it as having a good time with their pals.

Laughs are good for the soul

A kid will always seem to find joy in whatever they are experiencing around them. Laughs are good for you as well, and their abilities to find silliness everywhere is admirable. Let go of that uptight nature you may have, and do not take life too seriously – a good laugh is not only good for helping you stay young, but also teaches you to appreciate even the small moments in your life.

Grow and develop your friendships

Among the most memorable activities as a child was making a new friend. It did not matter if you had numerous friends or not – just finding someone else you had something in common with was enough. These reasons can include loving the same soccer team, attending a new school, going to a birthday party, or living in the same vicinity.

Adults need to remember one lesson from this point – the more, the merrier. Kids can make new friends out of a myriad of reasons, and you should not be afraid to do the same even as you grow older.

Final thoughts

As you interact with children, you will realize they have many things to teach you, and many life lessons from them as well. It is important to cultivate these lessons in your life, and you will get better at what you do.

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