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Speaking out for Animal Protection Using Only Products Where No Animals Were Harmed in Their Manufacture

It is important to our daughter to not use any products where animals were harmed in their manufacture. Instead of just being all talk, she puts her words into action. She does not wear any leather. She is a vegetarian who will use dairy products. However, she only eats milk, yogurt and cheese from cows that are specially cared for who never are slaughtered for meat. She even gets her makeup and skin care products from a place that provides cruelty free products at http://naturegloskinproducts.com.

You might think this would be a passing phase. I do not think so. She has become very educated about the facts of animal cruelty. She will tell you if you ask, but she is not forcing the facts at anyone. Well, except for those who attempt to deny that it exists. As her parents we are very proud of her for taking a stand for something. Also, it is something that is really important. As human beings we should take responsibility for things including animals.

This is going to sound funny, but I don’t intend it to be. You, like most of us, probably have an image in your head of what type of person would be an activist like this. Usually we imagine a girl who is not very pretty and doesn’t even shave her legs. Seriously! This is what people think. I can’t tell you how many times people have commented after finding out about our daughter’s activism saying, “But she is so pretty!” She is. She could be a model right now. She is fit, takes care of her skin and hair, and she looks like that All-American kind of beautiful girl in makeup and a dress. I think she will go on to be quite a presence speaking out on this issue that is important to her.

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