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Steven Lash: Helps Employers Lessen their Burden of Shouldering Large Amount of Medical Costs for their Employees

Over the past two years, more and more employers are encouraged to take the advantages they can acquire from medical tourism. This alternative option for healthcare can lessen any employer’s burden of supporting the medical costs of their employees. Another benefit is that employers and employees can share some of the savings from availing a more affordable medical service. This holds true for the Health and Shared Wealth Program™ of Steven Lash offered in his Satori World Medical, America’s one of the largest medical travel service providers. This program is innovative as it was US patented in which patients are allowed to share their financial benefits with their employers. This can be done by using a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), which is a savings account with the benefit of tax exempt. Patients with qualified expenses of their medical needs can get reimbursements.


Satori’s goal is to help any Americans struggling to have access to world-class care at affordable price rates. A lot of US patients do not hold a health insurance policy that adds to their burden of paying for so expensive healthcare in their own country. As a matter of fact, Gallup’s 2011 survey has shown that that 17.2 percent of adult population did not own health insurance. This result coming from a poll is considered as a significant increase from last year’s 16.4 percent only. And with the help of medical tourism, this burden can be somehow unloaded on the part of both individuals and employers. The said program by Satori is a good way save thousands of dollars although medical tourism appears to be more expensive because it involves airfare, visa fees, hotel accommodation and the medical cost itself.


For example, a total hip replacement surgery in the US may amount to $70,000 non-inclusive of out-of-pocket expenses. On the contrary, had the patient chosen Satori World Medical, he or she will only have to pay around $30,000 for the procedure cost. Plus, if the plan is supported by an employer, patients and their employers will be relieved by the idea of getting $13,000 cash flow to the patient and $26,000 net savings to the employer. This goes to show the commitment that Steven Lash Satori puts on his aim to promote medical travel in the country, to give alternative and extremely beneficial option for people. He also hopes that through medical tourism, patients’ other concerns about how US hospitals and practitioners perform their services will be addressed.

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