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Take Bariatric chewable vitamins that have antioxidant capabilities.

Naturally the body cannot manufacture vitamins unlike compounds like glucose that can be produced through metabolism of carbohydrates. And due to the important nature of vitamins, people must actively take them either through food or supplementation. When it comes to vitamin supplementation, there are two types that people can take: oral and chewable. Chewable vitamins are particularly ideal for those people that have undergone bariatric surgery. This is because they have been made with tasty flavors that are appetizing and also comfortable to eat for those who dislike swallowing larger tabs. With bariatric chewable vitamins one has access to important vitamins like A, B, C, D, E and K which are essential in running various processes of the body. Furthermore they are manufactured with the highest standards possible with very high bio available ingredients that aid in rapid absorption that the convalescing patients need.

These vitamins operate variously within the body aiding it to achieve important metabolic activities. The B groups of vitamins are particularly important in bodily processes like metabolism, energy production and good health of the nervous system. These are water soluble vitamins which have a restricted amount of RDA that must not be surpassed. This is because they cannot be stored by the body. The bariatric chewable vitamins can also be found in chelated combinations that make them very easy to absorb across the gut walls. These combinations with ionic and metallic compounds also ensure that patients are able to get minerals like calcium and iron that are responsible for bone formation and hemoglobin formation respectively.

The bariatric chewable vitamins can also be found in blended versions of high powered antioxidants that help the body in combating free radicals thereby aiding the body in healing. The free radicals are normally bi products of metabolism that are moving at high speed and collide with cells leading to premature aging and general discomfort. In these blended mixtures are also found essential compounds like co enzyme Q-10 that is responsible for energy production within the cells of the body. Another important addition that will go along way to improve metabolism is alpha lipoic acid that specifically is a heart tonic. It protects this important organ from oxidative stress. The bariatric chewable vitamins furthermore are made from pure compounds with no added coloring, artificial flavors and sweeteners. They are also safe for individuals that suffer from allergies as they are free of gluten and lactose.






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