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The Beauty Of Nail Care Kits

When our nails are looking tired and un-cared for many of us buy PHW nail care sets to make our nails look fabulous again. If your fingernails are beautifully manicured then your friends will envy you, long pretty nails look feminine and highly attractive. A visit to a nail salon can be costly and it is far cheaper to buy false nail kits and revamp your own fingernails. You do have to practice applying false fingernails and once you get it right the fake nails will look as good as your own. You can apply nail polish and nail art to the surface of a fake nail and you may even find that your nail polish stays on your false nails a little longer.

There are various types of false nails, some have to be put on at a salon and others are easy to apply. In the stores you will also come across gel nails, wrap nails and press on nails. Acrylic false nail kits are very popular, acrylic nails are strong and once in place they last a long time, acrylic nails can be painted or decorated with nail art. If acrylic nails are applied correctly they look very natural but many young women love to wear them longer hence they do look like fake fingernails.

Press on fake nails are not expensive to buy and they are very easy to apply. These false nails kits can be purchased in most drug stores and some of the nail kits are already decorated with nail art. In general women use press on nails as a quick fix, these packs of false fingernails are so easy to use. The plastic `finger nails` are stuck onto the face of the natural nails with a spot of glue. If you need to apply fake finger nails that will stay on for a long time then you wouldn’t choose the press on versions. However, wear them for the odd evening and they can look very attractive.

Gel nails have a lovely glossy appearance and they are quite similar to acrylic nails. Gel nails look really natural but sadly they are not as tough as acrylics. Some of the gel false nail kits can be quite costly, if you are considering buying one of these nail kits then buy the starter kit that provides you with everything you need in one go. The wrap nail kits are trendy but expensive, wrap false nail kits are not as high maintenance as some of the other kits and they are far softer to the touch.

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