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The Relationship between Mental Health and Cancer Prevention

It is reported that a man was found of cancer in his wife’s pregnancy. But he kept a belief that he wouldn’t die until he does see his baby. The man lived, worked and took care of his wife as normal. However his cancer disappeared after the baby was born. Primarily, it was thought to be impossible and was told like a tale. However, it probably is a real story through recent scientific studies. Lately American Cancer Society issued an exciting study: about 10% cancers can disappear themselves and rarely recur. Scientists keep a mind that, at least more than 10 factors can cause tumor disappearance naturally among which there is metal and physical relaxation and indwelling imagination of oneself.

Cancer specialists in Chinese cancer hospital considered mental factors are playing an important role in cancer occurrence. Provided that the risk factors exist in environments anytime and anywhere, but the control of human immunity makes those risk factors fail to work under normal condition. An external factor named life events can cause negative emotions like lonely, anger, sorrow, disappointment and so on through some internal factors called personality characteristic. When one is in negative emotion for long time may develop neuroendocrine disturbance and functional disorder of organs which could decrease his immunity. Immune surveillance gets weaker can affect immune system identification and can eliminate cell monitoring that it leads to proliferation of cancer cells. For example, when one is in anger, his adrenal cortical hormone secretes greatly to conjugate with white blood cell. In this case, the ability of white blood cells to kill bacteria inside body and clean the mutational cells would decrease. Immunity decrease promoting transformation of potential cancer cells is the reason that many people develop cancers after mental shock. http://www.cancerhospital.ph/treatment/

Therefore, we should positively offer mental health service and guidance for people to develop the sound personality, to help the ones with cancer character to recognize their bad characters, to change their personality mode and living style, to correctly treat the life events and find the outlet for negative emotions so as to enhance their resistance to cancers.

China cancer hospital-specialists form Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminded: psychological counseling and adjustment should be performed extensively to improve mental health, and they are economic and effective cancer preventions. Besides, it can regulate interpersonal relation, relieves social contradictions and promote socialist spiritual civilization. Thus everyone should emphasize mental health as physical health. know more abut cervical cancer: http://www.cancerhospital.ph/special/cervical_cancer/

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