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Tips to maintain healthy nails for a great nail art

The nails should be maintained properly and it should be good care. The care given to the nails should be as good as the care given to the face and the skin. The nails should be maintained healthier to have a good appearance. a complete well dressed appearance would be there only if the nails are also taken care of. Many of us would be interested in nail art also. to have a good nail art done on the nails the nails should be healthy. The nail art would look better in the nails only if manicure is done regularly. There are various aspects to be taken care in the process of manicure and in maintaining a healthy nail.

Healthy nail could be obtained by

– Applying cuticle gel regularly

– Filing the nails and maintaining a good shape. Moreover, the filing of nails should be done with great care and the filing should be done across the nails and not to and fro since, it could create cracks in the nails.

– There are some serums available in the market to thicken the nails and thus protecting the nails without getting cracks.

– A regular use of nail spa oil, cream and butter could improve the health of the nail. These could improve the health of the nail and keep the nails hydrated.

– Keeping the nails hydrated would make the nails appear healthy and have a glossy finish all the time.

Before applying nail paint the nails should be cleaned and it should have a spic and span look without any traces of the old nail polish. The nail polish remover could be sometimes harmful and might be the reason for the dryness of the nail. The nail polish remover should be chosen very carefully and it should be from a reputed brand. The user should have a check for harmful chemicals in the nail polish remover and should avoid such products. Only very few reputed brands give a good and harmless nail polish remover. With some castor oil in the product, the remover could soften the cuticles and could maintain the nails healthy. The nail paint should be removed by soaking the cotton in the nail polish remover and by rubbing the cotton on the nails till the polish or the color is completely removed. Even there are some nail polish remover pads available for the use. These pads would make it very simple to remove the paint instead of cotton. The precision pencil which is basically a nail polish remover could be used to correct the nail polish that is applied. This pencil with sharp tip could correct the paint very precisely.

Even there are some peel-off liquids available. These peel-off liquids are a kind of nail polish remover which would be used to remove the nail paint. The peel-off liquid could be applied and should be waited for five minutes. Before peeling off the nails should be brushed completely including the edges. After brushing, it could be peeled off which would give a clear nail without any blemishes.

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