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Unique Ways to Use Agaricus Mushroom

The Agaricus Mushroom has a plethora of health benefits from aiding with Type II Diabetes to slowing the growth of tumors in cancer patients. Some varieties of this species are everyday mushrooms, such as button mushrooms. You can do far more with them than slice them for sautéing or adding them to salads. Some vegetarians seek a mix of mushrooms, including members of the Agaricus variety, as a meat replacement option.

As a Stuffing

When chopped small, mushrooms make a great stuffing for chicken and pork. With the addition of some fresh herbs, crusty bread and chicken or vegetable stock, the stuffing can become a meal in itself. You should also add in onion, celery and carrots for additional flavor. During the fall and winter months, the stuffing can be a great complement to a roast, turkey or whole chicken as a side for dinner.

As a Paste

Mushrooms can be ground down into a paste with the help of a little olive oil. This paste can be used on a crostini, pizza dough or as a sandwich spread to name a few options. The paste can be kept in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to three days. It is easily transformed into a sauce, a soup base or just as a snack on crackers.

In Bread

If you are able to find dried Agaricus mushrooms, grind them down in a coffee grinder or food processor. They can be ground down into a powder, or cornmeal like consistency. It can easily be added to almost any bread recipe. Not only does it make the bread taste earthier, it adds a great deal of nutritional value to the baked good. The good thing about using mushrooms in bread is that, even with moisture added, the bread won’t feel heavy.

In Pasta Dough

Whether you wish to use a paste or a ground version of dried mushrooms, pasta dough is an ideal vehicle for this product. Making homemade pasta is rather simple if the directions on the recipe are followed exactly. Even if you are purchasing pre-made, fresh pasta, mushrooms can be worked into the dough. This fortifies the nutritional value and also adds some flavor to the mix.

Use Agaricus Oil as a Hair Therapy Treatment

The vitamins, minerals and nutrients in mushrooms, especially the Agaricus variety, are great for helping a dry scalp or thinning hair. While it won’t rejuvenate dead hair follicles, you can use a few drops on your scalp and massage it in.

As most consumers see mushrooms as an addition to sautéed vegetables or a topping for a great steak, they fail to see the other opportunities there are for the superfood. It is important to be creative and make up a few new recipes to get mushrooms into your body. The health problems that ingesting the Agaricus variety of mushrooms helps includes high cholesterol, blood disorders, liver disorders and hardening of the arteries to add a few to the list. If you are not allergic, get creative and include more mushrooms into your daily diet.

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