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Unknown facts about Hair Plugs

Finding a permanent and possibly quick cure to male pattern baldness is something that is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. In today’s world where people are often swayed by external looks and appearances, being bald is something that most men would certainly be afraid of. Baldness could lead to people becoming withdrawn and introvert in their behavior. Their relationships with people including their own family members could be a cause of concern. Hence finding out the right solution to the problem is very important to say the least.


Amongst the various methods being used to treat baldness, hair plugs are the ones which are becoming immensely popular with large sections of society. If you are the fortunate one who is not suffering from baldness, then your knowledge about these hair plugs could be quite limited. So, it would not be a bad idea to have a closer look at hair plugs and how they play an important role in treating the problems associated with baldness.


Many of us may be under the impression that hair plugs are some sort of devices which are fixed on our scalps and do the job of temporarily camouflaging the fact that we suffer from baldness. This is not true because the term plugs for hair is used to denote steps which help in hair restoration or even better hair implants. As widely believed, this is not a stop gap solution but is a permanent fix to baldness and that could be main reason for its growing popularity all over the world. There is little doubt that this is a technology that has stood the test of time and is considered an easy, safe and permanent cure to a highly embarrassing situation.


How Hair Plugs Work


Hair follicles are found almost throughout the body. When a person suffers from baldness, the hair follicles in his head become ineffective. Hence, the best approach is to find out some healthy hair follicles from other parts of the body and have them implanted in the bald areas of the head. The process is not very old and it has been in vogue since the early 1950s. However, over the years the whole process of perfect hair plugs has been mastered with the use of cutting edge technology and tools.


Initially the approach was rather crude and unsophisticated. It basically involved cutting out large portions of scalp from the head and having them implanted in areas where baldness has already set in or is the process. This method did not serve the purpose and often the head looked like a poorly and unprofessionally designed doll. Today we have what is called hair transplantation. The process involves removing thousands of healthy hair follicles from the head and inserting them in areas that have already become bald or where baldness is just setting in.


Who Does This Job


The whole job is handled by a doctor who has the right kind of experience, wherewithal and most importantly the technology to perform such hair plugs jobs. What used to take many days can now be done in a couple of sittings. When the process of using hair plugs first came into being, it had to be done under anesthesia since it was quite a painful method of hair transplantation. Technology has changed all this now and today it can be done under local anesthesia or at the most under controlled general anesthesia. The recover process is also quite fast when compared to olden methods.


Cost Vs Benefit


Many people believe that using plugs as a means to overcome baldness is quite expensive. This is not entirely true. Though the initial hair plugs cost of hair follicle transplantation is quite high, the recurring costs are very negligible to say the least. Further when one makes an overall comparison between benefit and cost, there is no denying the fact that going in for hair plugs is without any doubt a very reasonable and logical decision.


In fine, it would be very appropriate to mention here that hair plugs is a time tested, reliable and cost effective way to rid yourself of baldness. It is without any doubt a safe and highly proven method which stands tall when compared to other ways and means of treating baldness.

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